Bridges of Understanding maintains a fervent focus on youth through free, Common Core State Standards aligned in-classroom and digital programming.

The youth age demographic has the power to create the type of desired shift in perspective that served as the catalyst for the creation of the organization, as members are less encumbered by the special interests that blind in adulthood.

By embracing and educating youth, inclusive of both males and females, Bridges of Understanding helps to shape more fully future societal thinking and action. In doing so, the organization leads a re-energized school of thought, emphasizing the fact that social justice and progress can only be made if both sexes are instilled from an early age with a sense of respect for all humanity, regardless of gender, race, or religion.

“Never would I have thought a country so far away and seemingly so different could be so similar in many ways to us.” Nicolas, Student, United States


Bridges at School is a topical curriculum developed for American middle school classrooms. Contextualizing the Arab World and providing a unique series of both critical thinking and creative lesson plans that shed light on the rich historical, scientific, mathematical, religious, and cultural legacy of the region, this program focuses on the themes of global citizenship and identity through a series of analysis-based lesson plans. Bridges at School highlights poetry and values-based paired texts; fashion and style; visual art; food and spice; drama; music; language; medicine and science; and media

Development funding for Bridges at School is courtesy of Donna Pearson Chapman and The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

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Bridges of Knowledge fills the gap for American educators seeking to empower their students with a more nuanced understanding of the Arab World than Western media representations often allow. For communities keen on discussing pertinent issues of the day, Bridges of Knowledge provides a series of turnkey, hour-long lesson plans on such subjects as the origins of Islam, the Arab Spring and Syrian conflict, and ISIS and the rise of regional terrorism.

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