At Bridges of Understanding, education extends beyond the classroom and into the field with a host of year-round community outreach programs that seek to engage the public in a thoughtful cross-cultural discussion, oftentimes using the humanities as a collective entry point for deeper sociopolitical reflection.

Such experiences include:
#eARAB: Emotionalizing Arab Identity in the Digital Age, a daylong retreat featuring publishing legend Cathie Black, ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine, The Documentary Group’s Kayce Freed Jennings, Theatre Without Borders’s Catherine Filloux, journalist Thomas Friedman, Sundance Institute’s Christopher Hibma, and investigative reporter Azmat Khan; Art: A Bridge Between Cultures, a panel discussion on the impact of the performing arts, featuring educator Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, composer Mohammed Fairouz, and filmmaker Ruba Nadda; and Politics, Comedy, and the Dangers of Satire, a convening of minds with Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz immediately following the horrific Charlie Hebdo murders.

“Being able to communicate across the world has given us the opportunity to knock down more walls and create more bridges.”Mariana, Student, United States


Myriad Voices is an initiative of Georgetown University’s Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics. In association with the Lab and its founders Ambassador Cynthia Schneider and Dr. Derek Goldman, Bridges of Understanding, as a lead partner, curates and supports a series of discussions surrounding the impact of theatre on public perception and policy — with programs including Generation (WH)Y?: Global Voices on Stage, a cutting-edge multimedia endeavor celebrating the narratives of youth from Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and beyond.


Places of Pilgrimage, initially developed by Heather Raffo and the Epic Theatre Ensemble through the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, is a video and podcast series that provides a platform for the stories of and relating to young Arabs living in marginalized communities. Created through theatrical writing workshops, these pieces provide a startling and frank look at the life-altering journeys that trailblazing individuals have taken and the bravery required to talk about them. Most importantly, they use their own words — words that never fail to resonate across cultures and regions.

Bridges of Understanding is proud to announce our new partnership with Refugees Deeply! Original educational programming on the current global refugee crisis and our Places of Pilgrimage initiative now reside on the Refugees Deeply website. Refugees Deeply is designed to help you understand the complex web of geopolitical, human rights, environmental, legal and other factors combining to make the refugee issue one of the most challenging of our lifetimes.


Journeys to the Arab World are rare, mind-opening opportunities for American leaders of their respective fields to witness firsthand various aspects of the histories, cultures, languages, religions, and lifestyles of the Arab people. Exclusive experiences include discussions with students at local schools, meetings with prominent public and private sector officials, visits to refugee camps, and the chance to build bridges with people of the region. Past journey locations have included Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — and the list continues to grow!